Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cerys Baby Blanket

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since this blog has been active and many links and photos were no longer active, so I've deleted all the posts except this one with the blanket pattern.

Thank you for visiting over the years and knitting this blanket. Please continue to enjoy.


Lost in Stash

After knitting a mitered dishtowel I thought I’d use the same concept for a baby blanket but instead making it 4 mitres insted of just the one the dishcloth had.

I'm in love with it - it's so modern and makes a pretty bassinet blanket. It is a simple, mindless knit and if you weave in the ends as you go then there is virually no sewing.

Mine was knitted in Bella Baby Layette which is an 8ply bamboo/wool blend which is so soft. But could be made in anything you desire, just adjust the needle size to match your yarn.

PATTERN (it's just basic but if you have any queries shout out I'd be happy to help.. or convo me on Ravelry)

Cerys Blankie Ravelry Link
Using Yarn of  your choice and corresponding needle sized. 

ETA:24/02/11 - It’s been bought to my attention that bobbling issue tends to occur if using acrylic yarn or a yarn with no memory. For this blanket I’d suggest making sure that you have a decent percentage of actual wool in it so that it will hold it’s shape after blocking. The yarn I used had 25% wool and is still holding up almost a year later :)

Cast on 6 stitches

divide on needles (or magic loop) and mark beginning of row.

Round 1-kfb into every stitch =12 stitches

Round 2 -kfb into every stitch again 24 stitches

This forms the foundation for the mitre.

Round 3  ***kfb k4 kfb place marker*** continue to end of round

Round 4 knit

round 5 -****slip marker kfb knit to one stitch before marker kfb*** continue to end of round

Continue round 4 and 5 pattern until it's the desired size

NB: my stripes are 8 rows wide in 8ply on 4mm needles
Girly Option: 
Picot edge as follows - yo k2tog all way around then knit decreases in place of increases for at least 4 rounds (though it would look best if done for entire colour block - 8rounds).

Cast off - fold over picot and whip stitch closed
Boyish/Neutral border -  I’d do a fold over border again by purling one row forming the foldover crease and then knitting the decreases, cast off and whip stitch 
You could also just do 8 rows of garter stitch 
The options are endless
Once completed it is important to block the blanket to make the mitres into a nice square.
I'll add more photos when I get my nice camera back as I don't like my little PnS camera hehe.

ETA: Pattern renamed from Mitred Modern Baby Blanket Pattern now that baby is here :)